Radiesse in a natural collagen stimulator with which we will fight flaccidity in your face and body. Radiesse is composed of calcium hydroxyapatite, an element that is present in our bones and teeth, which is why it is a biocompatible material that does not generate allergies.

It is excellent to fill and give volume to those areas of the body where flaccidity has gained space. It is also excellent for treating the reduction and disappearance of wrinkles of various types, restoring the appearance of freshness and youth, without signs of artificiality. Among its other benefits we find that it generates a lifting effect, tightening the skin immediately.

This material is composed of microspheres that when injected into our body will give us volume and a tensor effect in the treated areas, with which we will greatly reduce the effects of aging.

By the type of material, Radiesse stimulates the synthesis of collagen in our body, this happens around the microspheres that are metabolized over time, earning our skin elasticity and a younger appearance.

These results can be yours

Recommendations and related information.

This treatment is recommended for:

  • Nasolabial folds (Wrinkles in mouth and nose)
  • Facial Oval
  • Expression lines (crow’s feet)
  • Puppet lines
  • Rejuvenation of hands
  • Wrinkles on cheeks
  • Nasal correction
  • Mint fold
  • Chin
  • Profile lips
  • Radiesse is very safe due to its components for which it is approved by the FDA. It does not migrate and it maintains the natural expression on the face
  • It is not necessary to take any special care later, only creams in case of bruises or ice if there is inflammation. Our doctor will tell you more details taking into account your treatment and skin type
  • It is not recommended to massage the intervened area after treatment
There are no standardized procedures for all patients, in some cases we require a prior assessment to know the antecedents in diseases, allergies and medications that the patient does not tolerate. Only then can we offer you a guaranteed treatment and control the response to it in a safe way.