Platelet rich plasma

This is an advanced treatment with much boom in aesthetic medicine, which in the hands of our experts is effective as an anti-aging method as it nourishes, revitalizes, detoxifies, drains, maintains and balances skin cells. This is achieved by activating growth factors that then multiply the healthy cells, eliminate the damaged cells and help in the process of inflammation.

Growth factors are a series of proteins found in platelets with a very high regenerative and restorative power of tissues.

It is very safe since PRP is obtained from your blood using differential centrifugation. For a few hours the extracted blood is processed separating its components, then we take the concentrated plasma where is the desired growth factor. The resulting product we will apply through microinjections in the areas of the face and neck where we want to receive the benefits of treatment, this will result in a smoother and younger skin. It should be noted that the PRP is not only applicable by microinjections, depending on the treatment and the treated pathology this can be variable.

Depending on the condition of each skin, this treatment is usually indicated every four weeks and three times. The effects of the same have a time of 18 months with variations between some cases and others.

In addition to the growth factors that the PRP includes, we will activate the natural process of generation of collagen, elastin and epidermal tissue in the treated areas, with which we will have a regenerative and revitalization effect at the local level.

These results can be yours

Recommendations and related information.

PRP is an effective treatment to revitalize the face and neck. Among the benefits that we will obtain are:

  • Luminosity and unification in the tone of the skin
  • Elimination or decrease in wrinkles
  • Removing spots and acne marks
  • Elimination of flaccidity
  • Revitality and elasticity in the skin
  • Use sunscreen several times a day, also avoid contact with dryers or other devices and scenarios with heat
  • Do not massage your face or use facial cleansers for as long as the specialist tells you to
  • Intense exercises are not recommended
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Do not put on makeup in the next 24 hours
There are no standardized procedures for all patients, in some cases we require a prior assessment to know the antecedents in diseases, allergies and medications that the patient does not tolerate. Only then can we offer you a guaranteed treatment and control the response to it in a safe way.