Full process

How is the whole process?

Let's go into detail, step by step

Our experience and commitment to the results guarantee an excellent process. We put all the attention to every detail in the services and the patient feels our accompaniment at all times.

e understand many times that uncertainty, doubts and the fact of being alone in another country are mental barriers that prevent us from taking some risks. We are transparent, we want you to feel calm because here you will not be alone. The opportunity to operate you with us is a rewarding experience for everyone in the process, not only you will take a nice memory traveling in our country, you can also benefit from the change of the dollar and finally save almost as much as three or four times the value of their treatment in the United States of America.

You’ll get excellent results! Don’t put them in doubt, they’ll be a reality. The pre-surgical evaluation process will give you all the clarity of the scope in your surgery and/or treatment.

But how is the whole process?

It all begins with a virtual pre-surgical evaluation (if required) and the study of basic clinical examinations in certain procedures or specifics in some cases.

Everything about pre-surgical evaluation is available here

After our medical team confirms that you are a good candidate to be operate, we can start by giving you an estimated date for you to travel.

You will know at that time all about the costs incurred, so you can travel with total tranquility on a fixed budget.

With a clear information you get your tickets on your preferred airline and come to our country at the moment you consider it taking into account, of course, the estimated dates given before.

A welcome committee will be waiting for you at the local airport to take you in our vehicles to your place of lodging.

In that place you will feel comfortable; in it, a support staff will be at your disposal to assist you in all the your needs and requirements

Taking into account the schedule of our physicians and their pre-programmed operation you will visit our specialists and know what your clinic is going to be.

At that time you will be informed of pre and post-operative care necessary for your surgical procedure in the necessary cases.

If you have programmed tourist activities within your schedule, it’s time to have fun.

Learn about our pre-selected activities here

Your long-awaited operation day has finally arrived! We are ready with all our support staff, the appropriate technology and our most qualified specialists to prepare you to receive the best experience and your desired results.

After your surgery we immediately put you in contact with your family as soon as you feel better and comfortable.

If you give us an authorization, we will notify everything necessary just as soon as we finish the intervention to those who you have previously authorized.

After the time stipulated by our specialists, we will then transfer you to your place of accommodation and our support staff will be ready to give you the necessary postoperative care along with your food diet in the cases required.

You have already passed your post-op and are ready to travel, we will take you to the airport in our vehicles and wait for your departure and then, when you have arrived to your country of origin, we’ll await your arrival confirmation via telephone or Internet.

After your convalescence period, you can continue to count on us from your place of origin, if you need any information or if you have any discomfort or want to be treated by our doctors, please contact us. We are your medical team.

If you have any questions, please contact our different support channels, we are ready to listen to you

Who is behind all the processes? Where are we located? We want to forge solid and true partnerships with our patients, because we are sure that the voice to voice of the people who use our services, is the advertising of greater value and credibility.

We have a beautiful country and we want you to enjoy it, you have a lot to live! Come to Colombia today and benefit from our complete package of surgeries and treatments with our medical group of excellence

Our commitment is total, we are a group of transparent professionals who want to forge strong and true partnerships with our patients.