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Extreme Makeover!

Do you want to give your eyes a rejuvenated and rested look? Blepharoplasty will correct the drooping eyelids, excess skin and bags under the eyes immediately!


Our Rhinoplasty expert will achieve that dream nose. Want to decrease the size of your nose? increase it? change its shape, tip or back? Our Rhinoplasty expert will achieve that dream nose. We guarantee a safe and satisfactory procedure


Tired of your neck does not harmonize your face? Sharpen your neck eliminating excess fat under your skin with a Neck Lifting

Neck lifting

If you already have baldness problems (men and women), with a Hair Micro-Implant Surgery (hair by hair) we can help you overcome this problem. It also applies to implant hair on your eyebrows!

Capillary implant – Micrografts

With a Rhytidectomy surgery we will restore those juvenile curves, correct the sunken cheeks, tighten the neck and completely reduce the wrinkles on your face

Facelift – Rhytidectomy

Minimize wrinkles, fill folds, profile lips and other areas of the face with the latest Facial Filling Techniques

Facial Filling

If your eyebrows are down, or your forehead furrows are very demarcated, with a Frontoplasty surgery we can reposition and tie muscles to your scalp and quickly achieve a smooth face full of youth

Frontoplasty – Cilioplasty

With a Bichectomy surgery, we can provide you that desired face, sharper and more profiled, just by removing some small bags of fat located in the area of the cheeks (Bichat balls)


Imagine a piece of silk, just a small tear can make a big difference in its appearance.That’s what a scar does to your skin. With our Treatment of scars we will help you reduce its size and improve its appearance

Treatment of scars

If improving that chin you will reach the balance in your face, with a small surgery: Mentoplasty, you will achieve an exceptional contour

Mentoplasty – Chin surgery

With Otoplasty we can treat the deformations of the ears and correct their size, in order to have a harmonious and aesthetic face

Otoplasty – Ear Surgery
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