As the skin ages it loses its structural proteins (collagen and elastin), it becomes lax and begins to drop, which contributes to that tired and aged look. Facial aging is a process of several factors that affects different layers.

ELLANSÉ® works differently and naturally. Thanks to its unique properties, it not only corrects wrinkles and folds, but also stimulates its own collagen production to really treat the underlying causes of facial aging, the effects are gradual and lasting, which gives you a youthful and natural appearance .

This dermal filler combines an immediate correction in wrinkles and folds with the production of new collagen by our body. The results are long lasting and used in turn as a collagen inductor, which will reduce sagging facial and neck collapse. We can also use it as a filling substance and give volume to the cheekbones and chin.

This new tool of aesthetic medicine is very effective in the production of collagen to maintain an elastic and smooth skin in several areas such as hands, neck and décolletage.

Patients with real results

Recommendations and related information.

This treatment is Recommended for:

  • Correct a depression in the face
  • Correction of scars
  • Groove and wrinkle treatment
  • Increase volume in injected areas (cheekbones, cheeks or chin)
  • No additional specific care is necessary, but nevertheless, our specialist doctor will inform you more details taking into account the condition of your skin and its treatment
There are no standardized procedures for all patients, in some cases we require a prior assessment to know the antecedents in diseases, allergies and medications that the patient does not tolerate. Only then can we offer you a guaranteed treatment and control the response to it in a safe way.