Calf implant

The calves are one of the most difficult muscles to develop by means of physical exercises, hours and hours of daily and continuous dedication are required to achieve a few millimeters of development. It is frustrating for most to make them grow and sculpt.

The medical team of now offers an excellent solution for the desired calves of the gym, and are calf implants, by means of which we will manage to give proportion and uniformity to your legs. It is relatively easier to develop the upper body in the gym and at the same time having calves very distant from those results, just once with that disproportion in your body with this procedure, the results are natural.

This surgical procedure is equally functional if the patient wishes to correct defects in the lower leg as a result of injury, illness or birth.

The calf implants are made of a soft silicone material and our medical team will evaluate which is the size and the appropriate prosthesis to place, taking into account the particular conditions of each patient.

The calf implants will be inserted through a small incision behind the knee, but if necessary and feasible you could also increase the size of your calves only with your own fat, performing a localized liposuction.

These results can be yours

Recommendations and related information.

  • This procedure can be practiced in both men and women
  • This procedure takes between one and four hours to be practiced
  • General anesthesia is used
  • This type of surgery requires a mandatory presurgical assessment, to be able to perform it
  • After performing this procedure with us, you can return to your usual tasks in a week, however, activities such as physical exercise will be restricted for a period of not less than one month
These texts will give a basic knowledge of each procedure and the results you can obtain. Through it, we will not clarify all your doubts, since each patient is unique in their conditions and circumstances. In the pre-surgical evaluation, the medical team will be able to answer all your questions in detail.