Botox - Botulinum toxin

This is a classic treatment with which we have treated many of our patients and is excellent for reducing and eliminating wrinkles and fine lines on the upper part of our face.

Botulinum toxin acts as a muscle relaxant numbing the muscle for a time blocking nerve impulses, which will diminish the lines of expression and wrinkles that are produced by our facial gestures.

The procedure is carried out by our specialist drawing a matrix on the face where it locates points to infiltrate the product by means of microneedles.

No anesthesia is required and the session usually takes 30 minutes, with progressive results.

These results can be yours

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This is a safe treatment and among the aforementioned benefits we have:

  • Our traits will be much softer
  • Elimination of fatigue in the face
  • Does not leave marks
  • Absolute rest in the following 4 hours
  • Do not massage the area in 12 hours
  • Avoid exercise
There are no standardized procedures for all patients, in some cases we require a prior assessment to know the antecedents in diseases, allergies and medications that the patient does not tolerate. Only then can we offer you a guaranteed treatment and control the response to it in a safe way.