Do your eyes look with extreme tiredness? excess muscle and skin in both upper and lower eyelids. We can reverse this scenario with eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), by which we will correct the drooping of the eyelids and the elimination of the lower bags in them.

This procedure has an immediate effect and we can combine it safely with several types of facial plastic surgery such as face lift, liposuction on the neck, wrinkle removal, among others.

After your presurgical evaluation and knowing what your goals are, we can decide whether to operate the four eyelids, the lower ones, or the upper ones; and if you also want to practice another type of facial surgery that is compatible with Blepharoplasty.

A total change in your face could include a Neck Lift and  Rhytidectomy (Facelift). If you are a good candidate to perform these surgeries together, we guarantee a successful result, you would achieve a total rejuvenation in your physiognomy, your face would look like 10 or 15 years ago.

Patients with real results

Recommendations and related information.

  • This procedure can be practiced in both men and women
  • This procedure takes between one and two hours to be practiced
  • General anesthesia is used
  • This procedure can be combined with others such as face lift, liposuction on the neck, wrinkle removal, among others.
  • You can usually leave the clinic a few hours after surgery
  • This type of surgery requires a mandatory presurgical assessment, to be able to perform it
  • You should keep your head elevated for a few days
  • The use of sunglasses and sunscreen on the eyelids is necessary for the time indicated by our medical team
  • The use of cold compresses is recommended to treat inflammation and bruising
  • After performing this procedure with us, you can return to your usual tasks gradually, watch television in a couple of days, and return to work in a week or two
These texts will give a basic knowledge of each procedure and the results you can obtain. Through it, we will not clarify all your doubts, since each patient is unique in their conditions and circumstances. In the pre-surgical evaluation, the medical team will be able to answer all your questions in detail.