Extraction of biopolymers

We know of the great damages that these substances produce in the patients who lodge them in their bodies, and those who have not yet manifested negative responses, sooner or later the biopolymers will cause various complications.

Surgical removal of biopolymers is a reconstructive surgery that requires a previous accurate assessment by our specialists to determine the possible incidence of this material and if it is possible to remove it. If the location of these does not affect nerves, muscles, organs or tissues that are difficult to access, then the procedure can be performed.

Among the side effects of these substances are granulomas, fibrosis, burning and / or redness in the affected area, itching, pains, embolisms and dangerous migrations of the material to other areas of the body.

Depending on the location of the substance the extraction techniques vary, the conditions of each patient are particular and only with a professional assessment you will be able to access a satisfactory result.

If you still do not have any adverse symptoms, the best way to treat this situation is with prevention, by examining it we can know if the material is still in the same location and that it has not caused other reactions in your body.

Pay attention to this and act now!

Recommendations and related information.

  • This procedure can be practiced in both men and women
  • General anesthesia is used
  • This surgical procedure can not be performed on pregnant or lactating women
  • This type of surgery requires a mandatory presurgical assessment, to be able to perform it
  • After performing this procedure with us, you can return to your usual tasks gradually, depending on the area affected and the amount of tissue affected, our doctors will then inform you of your resting time.
  • If the extraction was at the corporal level, the patient should wear a girdle for a month.
These texts will give a basic knowledge of each procedure and the results you can obtain. Through it, we will not clarify all your doubts, since each patient is unique in their conditions and circumstances. In the pre-surgical evaluation, the medical team will be able to answer all your questions in detail.