Bichat balls are one of the most frequent causes of a face that looks too round and bulky. These are fat clusters located on the cheeks between the masseter and buccinator muscles; and when we extract them we will achieve a harmonious face, of a thinner aspect, where we will sharpen cheeks and accentuate the cheekbones. The removal will be done through the oral cavity so the scars will be imperceptible.

The extraction of the bichat balls does not generate any side effects on our body and the results are permanent.

These results can be yours

Recommendations and related information.

  • This procedure takes an hour to practice
  • Local anesthesia plus sedation is used
  • This procedure can be combined with others
  • The results are immediate and the total recovery has a term of two weeks
  • This type of surgery requires a mandatory presurgical assessment, to be able to perform it
  • Absolute rest the first 24 hours
  • The specialist will indicate the medications to follow
  • The cheeks may become inflamed in the following days, and this will be reduced with the passage of them
  • You will be able to return to your past work activities 2 or 3 days
These texts will give a basic knowledge of each procedure and the results you can obtain. Through it, we will not clarify all your doubts, since each patient is unique in their conditions and circumstances. In the pre-surgical evaluation, the medical team will be able to answer all your questions in detail.