About service platform

Perfect balance between attention, budget and results

Professional ethics above all things, we are transparent and we want to offer services of excellent quality

antedbodies.com becomes your professional ally in the personal search to achieve a harmonious body and a desired face. We are an interdisciplinary group with many years of experience, very united, and by combining all our skills we manage to offer you a solid service package, updated and especially very affordable for all of you, our patients.

Our main headquarters of our service platform is located in Bogota, Colombia. Depending on the surgical procedure and/or treatment you are interested in, you can also choose other cities such as Cartagena and Barranquilla.

Our support network includes excellent clinics, equipped in all the areas, with qualified support staff and the technology you need to have the best results your body deserves.

All our specialists are properly certified, endorsed by the Colombian Society of Plastic Surgery, and our support staff is highly experienced and trained with the latest techniques for the pre and postoperative management of all our patients.

In the post-surgical process We feel very proud to have very effective advanced pain management methods, led by our specialist, who mitigate all these events and help you get restrained and retake all your usual tasks very quickly.

In your pre-surgical exam feel free to ask all the questions you consider pertinent, always remember our maxim: Our ethical principles govern all our surgical acts.

Our complete process is transparent and when you do the pre-surgical examination the prices are set, so you will travel with a fixed budget in mind.

Finally, and as you can see, you will always be in care of best hands.

If you have any questions, please contact our different support channels, we are ready to listen to you

Golden rule: We want you to feel calm and safe. Our experience and commitment to the results guarantees an excellent process. We pay attention to every detail in the services and you will be accompanied at all times

We have a beautiful country and we want you to enjoy it, you have a lot to live! Come to Colombia today and benefit from our complete package of surgeries and treatments with our medical group of excellence

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"Our ethical principles govern all our surgical acts"